What we do

Our Actions

JCI members have the opportunity to develop as individuals, contribute to the prosperity of economic infrastructure through entrepreneurship, understand and appreciate the social dynamics that enable community problem-solving and promote goodwill and cooperation amongst all people. 


Inspiring Community Action

Use your talents to take action! JCI projects are a unique opportunity to challenge yourself and develop your skills. JCI members help turn your ideas into impact through active participation in communities, businesses, and society.


Facilitating International Collaboration

Become a part of our global family! JCI events are a chance to travel to new places, experience new concepts and become a better leader while meeting inspirational people making a difference all around the world.


Encouraging Individual Development

Get out of your comfort zone! We focus on continuous personal improvement – being a better leader every day. Together with other JCI members, you’ll gain skills beyond what you’ve learned in university or in your career, like self-confidence, entrepreneurship, resilience and cooperation, notably through our new Global Leadership Masterclasses.


Fostering Business & Entrepreneurship

Tap into your competitive side and entrepreneurial spirit! JCI programs are a chance to showcase what you’ve learned and take your leadership skills to the next level. With a variety of ways to get involved: Creative Young Entrepreneur Program, Public Speaking Competitions, Debating Competitions, JCI Awards, Twinning (collaboration between different countries).

Let’s create positive impact

Four Areas of Opportunity

By focusing holistically on all four areas of opportunity rather than just one, we create a more well-rounded leader who can effectively navigate a complex and globalized world. Each area of opportunity directly relates to the four JCI actions. 

Four Areas Of Opportunity